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Subject:[Tooling] Experimental Plugin for Eclipse for Sling aka Slingclipse
From:Antonio Sanso (
Date:Oct 25, 2012 5:33:33 am

Hi *,

I have started to work on an experimental plugin for Eclipse for Sling named (at
least for now :)) Slingclipse, see [0].

Slingclipse is an attempt to make easier the development phase while using
Sling. The scope is still open and I would be more than glad to hear some

What I have committed for now are 3 plugins/bundles:

- - -

The idea implemented for now is that at any save (this is configurable) the
correspondent "action" will be "transmitted" in the repository (only if if this
is in a project with a path name for the file that contains jcr_root to be
precise). The "actions" implemented for now are:

- create a new file: the file is created also in the repository (if the file is
not empty, is a bug) - change the content of a file: the file is modified in the repository - delete a file: the file is deleted in the repository

The trigger is the save action in Eclipse. At the moment there is not support for any jcr type other than nt:file (but this
is going to improve). Another important thing to highlight for the moment is the way this information
is "transmitted" from the file system to the repository. Slingclipse uses Declarative Service and the implemented solution uses HTTP for
now ( bundle). Should somebody else would like to use some other way to achieve the same result
is enough to create another bundle implementing the api contained in the bundle,

I would try to create some basic documentation somewhere in the wiki soon